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Dr. Noel K.Maclaren

An award-winning pioneer

Dr. Noel Maclaren is an award-winning pioneer in endocrinology and the metabolism who practices in New York. He is a Professor of Pediatrics at the Weill College of Medicine of Cornell University and the co-founder of Metakura. In his practice, Dr. Maclaren specializes in internal medicine, endocrinology and metabolism in adults children and pregnant women.

Dr. Maclaren has been listed multiple times on the annual “Best Doctors in America”at Harvard University.

Awards include

The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International Award, David Rumbough Scientific Award, The International Research Canadian Diabetes Association/Connaught Novo

Sunita Singh Maclaren

Co-Founder and CEO of MetaKura

As Co-Founder and CEO of MetaKura and its affiliates, Sunita Singh Maclaren has led the mission to combine science and culture to create solutions for a lesser-known category of consumers – 1:4 people globally with insulin resistance. Based on the pioneering research and clinical insights of Dr. Noel Maclaren, she has helped to develop diagnostic tools, therapies and foods for people with inborn metabolic imbalances.

Sunita has previous experience as founder of an advisory firm World Wise which offered cultural intelligence to the world’s leading corporations, governmental agencies, leading international judicial, trade and business organizations. She is member of the Advisory Council for Religion and Global Affairs, Cambridge University (U.K.).

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