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785 Park Ave
New York, NY 10021-3552
(212) 371-0658

Our Values

MetaKura is dedicated to enabling each person to enjoy a precisely balanced metabolism, the essence of a healthy life.

MetaKura champions self-empowerment. We are committed to educating the public and healthcare professionals on innovative techniques to manage the metabolism.

MetaKura’s team believe in delivering products and services which offer the latest proven medical insights on metabolism, with compassion and the highest standards of care.

Finally, we care passionately about helping address the stigma and shame associated with unwanted weight gain by showing that it is, for most people, an inherited metabolic disorder.

We hope you will support our mission.


Dr. Noel Maclaren, Co-Founder, is an award-winning pioneer with a 35–year history in research and clinical care. He has been at the frontiers of energy metabolism, especially in the prediction, prevention and treatment for diabetes. Following an academic career at Johns Hopkins, University of Florida and Cornell, Dr. Maclaren began BioSeek Clinics in 2004, now one of Manhattan’s leading endocrinology centers. The Best Doctors Group which is affiliated with Harvard University has repeatedly named him one of the Best Doctors in America.

Sunita Singh Maclaren, Co-Founder, is Director of BioSeek Clinics and launched MetaKura’s novel six-month metabolic correction program, Maclaren WeightWise in 2016. She is also a founder of World Wise LLC which, for over 25 years, has provided in-depth global cultural insights for more than 45 countries. This expertise has been sought after by the Fortune 500 firms and NGOs for country-specific market entry and managing multinational ventures.

Dr Fiona Kerr combines cognitive neuroscience and systems engineering with a background in anthropology and psychology to examine the brain, the neurophysiological impact of human interaction, and how this is altered by and through technology. Fiona combines her academic role as Industry Professor, Neural and Systems Complexity at the University of Adelaide with speaking and consulting internationally to companies, industry sectors and governments.

Vibhu Sachdev (IP Advisor) currently manages a portfolio of inventions for Cornell University at the Weill Medical campus in New York City. Prior to joining Cornell, he prosecuted patents and assisted in technology transactions at Foley and Lardner LLC in Boston and was an Associate Licensing Officer at