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Photo by Conventions, New Zealand

MetaKura has a 14-year track record of innovation in closely regulating the metabolism for a longer and healthier life. The company and its affiliates have won numerous awards for pioneering research and excellent outcomes in clinical care.

MetaKura is dedicated to making its diagnostic and therapeutic expertise more widely accessible to help address the most vexing public health challenges of the 21st century – the steep rise of chronic conditions like diabetes, childhood obesity, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s due to untreated metabolic imbalances.

MetaKura is committed to doing its utmost to challenge a prediction – that if current trends continue, almost a quarter (22%) of the people in the world will be obese by 2045 (up from 14% in 2017), and one in eight (12%) will have type 2 diabetes (up from 9% in 2017).

Your Metabolism Affects So Many Aspects of Your Life

How Can You Correct An Unstable Metabolism?

Meta: 'metabolism' the chemical changes within cells that produce energy
Kura: a Maori word for wisdom or teaching